Ohbijou, “To Rest In Peace On Righteous Tides”


Album: Swift Feet for Troubling Times
Year: 2006
Artist Website: ohbijou.com
Location: Parkdale Dollarama Café, 1337 Queen W

Listen Here:

Today I daydreamed of being shot
left to bleed at a Parkdale Dollarmart
while beggars laughed as my coins
fell out and caught the sun.

Sparkled like that first day
you caught my eyes but now I lay
with no dollars spent and a bleeding head.

So the lesson learned
is to always spend before you dream,
so no one will pick up
your coins and have better luck
to leave.

They tossed me in a limousine
headed southbound towards the CNE
where I watched the carnies
set up a ferris wheel.

Caught my eyes as I realized
that nuts and bolts were left
on the ground to shine
and you laughed as I was the first to board

So the lesson learned
is to never ride after you spot
her disastrous eyes
that never lie and leave you lost.

When I’m sad I look for tragedy
save me from my memories
whisk me to a place where
the roads are long

Where all signs point towards familiar sights
too much smoking and wild nights
where no daydreams distract me
when I’m in bed alone.

So my lesson learned
is to always breathe
when the tide comes in.
cause I’m better off to be swept away then to just jump in.