Track collects and maps songs about Toronto – listeners can explore the city to hear songs related to a specific place.

There’s something magical about learning that Leonard Cohen’s Closing Time was written about the now shuttered Matador Club at 466 Dovercourt, or that the house you think you’re standing in front of at 555 Spadina is actually a hidden Toronto Hydro sub-station, and yes, there’s a song about it.  The city is littered with gems like these, and Track wants to bring them out into the open for everyone to enjoy.

Help us build the collection!  Suggest a song that relates to a specific site in the city.
Connection between site and song can be of any type – maybe the lyrics mention a specific place, or the video was filmed here, or the song was written by someone who lived in this house, worked in this bar etc.  The more stories the better.

Check out our growing map of songs about Toronto (beta version!) and stay tuned for physical markers popping up around the city someday soon…

How it will work
When users encounter markers located all around the city, they’ll be able to use their smartphone to tune in and hear songs related to that very spot.  Whether the song mentions a particular landmark, captures the character of a neighbourhood, or was part of a legendary live show there – the markers alert listeners to a notable site for Toronto music.

When the full version of the project is launched users will be able to navigate an online map locating all of the songs in our collection, paired with text and/or images explaining the connection between song and site.  A set of physical markers will be installed in key locations throughout the city, directing wanderers to the online map and alerting them to site-specific songs in that area.  And we’re already thinking of other ways to use this system to bring you more Toronto music – imagine being able to get an audio preview of who’s playing tonight at all the venues you pass on your way home, or imagine your neighbourhood turned into a pop-up video, filled with layers of rich musical history, and new bands to discover.

Inspired by murmur