The Songs

Welcome to the songs page.  Here you can find the growing list of songs and artists in our archive. Have a gander to see if we’ve missed any gems that you know of.  If so send us an email and we’ll dig ’em up!

(Note: though we’re trying to keep things as up to date as possible, this list may be missing some recent suggestions.  Never fear, they will appear!)
1.  Abdominal/Notes to Self T.Ode 
2.  Actual Water Fire on George Street 
3.  Actual Water She’s a Priest 
4.  Adria Kain ft Dwayne Morgan City Love 
5.  Al Cameron Done Right Inn 
6.  Alexander Muir The Maple Leaf Forever 
7.  Aspektz & Ill Kidz In the TDot 
8.  Baby Blue Sound Crew Love ‘Em All 
9.  Barenaked Ladies Jane 
10.  Barenaked Ladies The Old Apartment 
11.  Barenaked Ladies One Week 
12.  Big City Nights Band After Castle Frank 
13.  Big Rude Jake Hard Deep Junction Blues 
14.  Blue Rodeo Beverley Street 
15.  Bruce Cockburn Coldest Night of the Year 
16.  Bruce Cockburn You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance 
17.  Bruce Cockburn Thoughts On A Rainy Afternoon 
18.  Bruce Cockburn You’ve Never Seen Anything 
19.  C.V. Pilcher Toronto Centennial Song 
20.  Career Suicide Cherry Beach 
21.  Chantal Kreviazuk Dear Life 
22.  Charlie Mills Last Urban Hoser 
23.  Cold Specks Elephant Head 
24.  Cold Specks When the City Lights Dim 
25.  Corin Raymond Riding West On Dundas 
26.  Death From Above 1979 Blood on Our Hands 
27.  Delta Will Ways to Enchant 
28.  Donovan Woods Toronto’s National Anthem 
29.  Drake City is Mine 
30.  Drake Started from the Bottom 
31.  Edwin Trippin’ 
32.  Elizabeth Shepherd Parkdale 
33.  Final Fantasy The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead 
34.  Final Fantasy This Lamb Sells Condos 
35.  Frank Soda and the Imps Going Down the Tube Blues 
36.  Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party Saturday Night in Parkdale 
37.  GEAK Robart’s Mansion 
38.  Glissandro 70 Portugal Rua Rua 
39.  Gord Downie Willow Logic 
40.  Gord Downie Christmastime in Toronto 
41.  Gordon Lightfoot On Yonge Street 
42.  Gordon V. Thompson Take Me To Toronto Fair 
43.  Graydon James & The Young Novelists Goodnight, City 
44.  Great Lake Swimmers Concrete Heart 
45.  Great Lake Swimmers Parkdale Blues 
46.  Great Lakes Swimmers I Will Never See the Sun 
47.  Henri Faberge and the Adorables The Embassy (223 Augusta) 
48.  Hometown SonReal and Rich Kidd 
49.  J.M. Whyte Toronto The Good 
50.  Jason Collett Charlyn, Angel of Kensington 
51.  Jenny James Mayor Ford (The World Will Remember) 
52.  Jenny Mayhem Wide Open 
53.  Jully Black At tbe Roncies 
54.  Kardinal Offishall The Anthem 
55.  Kardinal Offishall Welcome to Toronto 
56.  Kardinal Offishall Bakardi Slang 
57.  Kathleen Edwards Oh Canada
58.  K-Dot-Dot The Mayor 
59.  Ketch Harbour Wolves Pulled From The Wreckage 
60.  Ketch Harbour Wolves The Good Blood 
61.  Ketch Harbour Wolves Signs Were Everywhere 
62.  Ketch Harbour Wolves Should Have Learned 
63.  Ketch Harbour Wolves The Angelus 
64.  Ketch Harbour Wolves Through A Glass Darkly 
65.  Ketch Harbour Wolves 1992
66.  Ketch Harbour Wolves Parkdale Nights 
67.  K-OS Crabbuckit 
68.  K-OS CatDiesel 
69.  Lee Tasson’e Toronto (The Beautiful City) 
70.  Leonard Cohen Closing Time 
71.  L’Etranger One People 
72.  Like Pacific 105 McCaul 
73.  Like Pacific Retail Hell 
74.  Lowest of the Low Bleed a Little Tonight 
75.  Lowest of the Low Under the Carlaw Bridge 
76.  Lowest of the Low Salesmen, Cheat and Liar 
77.  Lowest of the Low Just About ‘The Only’ Blues 
78.  Luke Doucet Mitzi’s 
79.  Maestro Fresh Wes 416/905 (T.O. Party Anthem) 
80.  Maestro Fresh Wes Black Trudeau 
81.  Maestro Wes Fresh Stick to your vision 
82.  Martha and the Muffins Echo Beach 
83.  Martha and the Muffins Whatever Happened to Radio Valve Road? 
84.  Metric Parkdale 
85.  Michael Cuddy Dave’s Pizzeria 
86.  Mike Ford Stars Shone on Toronto 
87.  Moxy Fruvous Once I Was the King of Spain 
88.  Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Gilbert Come to the Vale of the Beautiful Don 
89.  Murray McLauchlan Down by the Henry Moore 
90.  N/A Rivercourt March
91.  Neil Young Ambulance Blues 
92.  Ohbijou Black Ice 
93.  Ohbijou To Rest in Peace on Righteous Tides 
94.  Organized Rhyme Check the O.R. 
95.  Our Lady Peace Thief 
96.  Parachute Club Rise Up 
97.  Parks & Rec The Lay of the Land 
98.  Pukka Orchestra Cherry Beach Express 
99.  Rascalz ft. Kardinal Offishall, Thrust, Checkmate, Choclair Northern Touch 
100.  RationaL A Swing and a Belt 
101.  Relmar Boys 555
102.  Rheostatics Dope Fiends and Boozehounds 
103.  Rheostatics Fat 
104.  Rich Kidd The City 
105.  Ron Sexmith Dragonfly on Bay Street 
106.  Roni Size Brown Paper Bag 
107.  Run With The Kittens Parkdale 
108.  Rush YYZ 
109.  Rush La Villa Strangiato 
110.  Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Kids in the Hall Theme Song 
111.  Shawn Clarke To Think, I Once Was Lost 
112.  Shuffle Demons Spadina Bus 
113.  Snoop Lion (ft. Drake and Cori B.) No Guns Allowed 
114.  Stephen Stanley Fourteen and Me 
115.  Stompin’ Tom Connors TTC Skiddadler 
116.  Stompin’ Tom Connors Margo’s got the Cargo 
117.  Stompin’ Tom Connors Name the Capital 
118.  Sunparlour Players Bless This Town 
119.  Tanika Charles Parkdale 
120.  The Arkells Kiss Cam 
121.  The Barenaked Ladies (originally Bruce Cockburn) Lovers in a Dangerous Time 
122.  The Constantines National Hum 
123.  The FemBots History Remade 
124.  The Ghost is Dancing Jane Station 
125.  The Good Lovelies Backyard 
126.  The Hidden Cameras Mississauga Goddam 
127.  The Poles CN Tower 
128.  The Rheostatics Jesus Was Once a Teenager Too 
129.  The Spoons Romatic Traffic 
130.  The Tragically Hip Bobcaygeon 
131.  The Tragically Hip Toronto #4 
132.  TrackDirtyaz Spontaneous Combustion 
133.  Treble Charger Trinity Bellwoods 
134.  Walk Off The Earth Corner of Queen 
135.  Zoe Chilco In The Valley 
136.  Zoe Chilco Havelock Street 
137.  Zoe Chilco The Coal Room