Small Sins – “She’s the Source”

Album: Small Sins
Year: 2006
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Location: Augusta and Baldwin

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The Story:

“I would have to say this is one of my more personal songs. It’s always weird to write about specific people and places – knowing that the person you’re writing about will inevitably be identified as the subject. But this particular friend needed help. He needed to be called out, and this song was my version of an intervention. I wrote it to a shut-in (who lived close to here) who was also an addict who seemed to be on a steep downward trajectory. The woman in the song is the source of his problems, playing the roll of the enabler. He needs to find someone else, someone better, someone that will help him get his life back together. At the very least, he needed her out of his life. Unfortunately, as an intervention, the song was not a success.”
– Thomas D’Arcy (Small Sins)


“That little junkie girl,
Your playing right in to her hands you know,
Sold your furniture,
Sold your cables and your mic,
Who stopped in Kensington,
And saw you weren’t doing so well these days,
And helped you out of bed,
And made you give it one more try?

She’s the source and you know.

I made you sandwiches,
I brought you magazines and playing cards,
But sow bandages,
And saw no evidence of help,
I told you all I know,
And told you what I thought you should do,
She’s not the one for you,
It’s time you found somebody else.

She’s the source and you know.”

She’s The Source by Small Sins
Words and Music by Thomas D’Arcy